Youth Ministry

Helping middle and high school students live as disciples of Christ through the power of the gospel.

Middle and High school students are at a unique stage of life; they are becoming more like adults in many ways, and yet there's still a lot of growing and learning to do. Our youth ministry is designed around a few key convictions:

  1. Mid and High school students should be full participants in the life of the Church: they need strong relationships with their peers and with mature adult believers.
  2. Mid and High school students are capable of grasping and will greatly benefit from deep scriptural teaching applied to life.
  3. The home is where most discipleship happens. Equipping and encouraging parents as disciple-makers is vital for the spiritual growth of youth.

With this in mind, our goal is not to fill up the schedules of students with youth-specific programming, but rather to help them build spiritual community that enables and encourages them to live as Christians and members of our church.

Our youth ministry meets once a month at our office space (9101 High Assets Way NW) to share a meal together, to sit under teaching and have discussion, and to have fun. We usually meet the 4th Sunday of the month from 5-7 pm, but to stay in the loop with the latest info check the calendar or contact Andy Herman at [email protected]

We also have other special events and organic opportunities for students that may arise throughout the year, so be sure to get on our mailing list and follow our Instagram account to stay up to date!