Join a Community Circle

"Community happens in circles, not rows"

Community Circles allow you to meet with fellow Mosaic people during the week to dive deeper into God’s word and cultivate lasting relationships.

Community Circles are underway, but you are welcome to join in at any time! Simply look down the following list, and email the group leader to let them know you are interested in attending.

Group 1:

Leader: Jeff Miles ([email protected])

Hosts: Stuart & Cathy Kendrick (2212 Dietz Pl NW, ABQ)

Time: Sundays @ 5:00pm

Study: Ephesians

Group 2:

Leader: Jack Dallman / CJ Robison ([email protected])

Hosts: Jack & Marty Dallman (2148 Cebolla Creek Way NW, ABQ)

Time: Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

Study: Galatians

Group 3:

Leader: Andy Herman ([email protected])

Hosts: Andy & Tam Herman (5419 Wyoming Blvd NE, ABQ)

Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Study: Know the Heretics

Group 4 - Women's Group:

Leaders: Brandy Criger / Emily Fletcher ([email protected])

Hosts: Brandy Criger (6823 Country Glen Ct NW, ABQ)

Study: Love Walked Among Us

Group 5: - Women's Group:

Leaders: Vivian Tapia / Cathy Kendrick ([email protected])

Host: Vivian Tapia (6501 San Antonio #5604, ABQ)

Time: [email protected] 6:00pm

Study: Love Walked Among Us

Group 6:

Leader: Kevin Pieper ([email protected])

Hosts: Kevin & Rachel Pieper (7212 Villa Tulipan NE, ABQ)

Time: Thursdays @ 6:00pm

Study: TBD

Group 7 - Men's Group:

Leaders: Rick Smith / Caleb Sandoval ([email protected])

Host: Kevin Pieper (7212 Villa Tulipan NE, ABQ)

Time: Saturday @ 7:30am